Am I still considered an independant?

Answer Being dependent or independent has nothing to do with where you actually live or if you file your taxes yourself. If you are considered a veteran and were discharged for any reason other than dish... Read More »

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Is It Still Considered As...?

It is not intercourse. But "sex" is defined differently by so many groups. If virginity is what you are concerned about, then no you didn't have sex. Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of a ... Read More »

Are you still considered a child at age 17?

Yes, for 7 more years if you are a female, or 13 more years if you are male. What? Did you think you were an adult at age 18? Do you know why you are considered an adult at age 18? Because boys can... Read More »

If you eat chicken, can you still be considered a vegetarian?

No, but some people would just call you a pollotarian (not sure on the spelling) which means you're basically a vegetarian, and the only meat you eat is chicken.A lot of vegetarians/vegans, includi... Read More »

Would I still be considered a catfish if I...?

If you now take your own pictures and not the other persons, you're no longer a catfish.