Am I sick Dizzy, headache, tired, nausea, weak ?

Answer Sounds like you haven't been eating and drinking enought too keep your body going.Lack adaquet diet can give you those symptoms. But the thirst thing and shakes make me wonder if your family has a ... Read More »

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Weak and tired, not hungry, dizzy, light headed?

Drs do not do the full test for lack of iron 90% of the time so you might try this and feel better.Iron deficency test: Go to the mirror and pull your lower eyelid and see if the color is red or fl... Read More »

Why do you feel sick very moody tired dizzy?

No contributor to this site can diagnose physical or mental illnesses, diseases, pregnancy or suggest medical procedures over the internet, nor is it the purpose of this site for them to do so. The... Read More »

Can You be pregnant even if you are getting your period but it is light and then heavy and is nothing like what your period usually is if you feel weak get sick after you eat something are over tired?

I'm dizzy and weak ! What's wrong with me?

Eat, you could possible have a stomach bug. Eat crackers or bread they help come down the stomach.