Am I showing signs of depression?

Answer when you listen to songs that remind you of him, its probably because you still like him and you like to make yourself sad because of guilt, you regret doing that and for some reason you feel like ... Read More »

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If you have most of the signs of depression, do you have depression?

You may very well be. If you have this many symptoms, it's worth it to go to a doctor and see what he has to say. Online tests can give you an idea, but can't diagnose you. If you have always thoug... Read More »

I am worried about a friend who is showing signs?

Jealous a little?Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read my profile, you must really feel intimidated by my realistic replies to your questions. Yes, that's right, I have never been with a... Read More »

I am a teenager and I am showing signs of diabetes?

It sounds like you are having low blood sugars which is also known as hypoglycemia. It is possible to have hypoglycemia with out being diabetic. Chances are if you are diabetic you would be showing... Read More »

How to Recognize Signs Showing That an Alternator Is Going Bad?

A vehicle's alternator supplies the battery by giving it an electrical charge. This electrical charge is crucial for a vehicle to remain running properly, since without it a number of critical syst... Read More »