Am I really tall for my age?

Answer yeah, you're daughter is 9 and she's about 4 ft 6. there is like one or two kids that are my height in her class....i'm 5'4", but they are pretty tall for their age

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I'm 15 and 5'8" tall. Is that really tall for my age!?

Is 5ft 7 really really tall for a girl..?

I was 5' 11' when I was in 8th grade .... I never, ever felt "weird" about it (I did feel a little uncomfortable when the 8 & 9 grade boys who wanted to slow dance only came up to my bra line, thou... Read More »

IS being Really tall intimidating for women?

Some women enjoy a very tall man. I know I do.It doesn't intimidate me, but even if it did, intimidation turns some people on.

What is the really tall girls name in jersey shore?