Am I putting my eyeliner on wrong?

Answer well if you are putting it on your waterline, you arent really supposed to feel anything. you could just be a little sensitive like when someone puts mascara on me, i tear up. if youre putting it o... Read More »

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Tips on Putting on Liquid Eyeliner?

Of the five types of eyeliner, liquid is the most difficult to apply, since you must have a steady hand to achieve the precise line it produces. Other types are easier to apply but don't produce as... Read More »

When putting eyeliner on the top of the eye is liquid or pencil easier?

I use both liquid and pencil on the top, (not at the same time) but only pencil on the bottom. Practice with the liquid- it's easy to mess up. Start at the middle of the eye first, and then go to t... Read More »

What's wrong with my eyeliner?

Wat I would do is try setting it with a black eyeshadow it'll make it stay on longer :) honestly I've tried so many eyeliners liquid, gel, and pencil and they all smudge and essence is the only one... Read More »

Is putting down a wrong Social Security number fraud?

Using the wrong Social Security number is at the top of the list of the most common tax mistakes. If a mistake is made, no crime has been committed. However, knowingly using a Social Security numbe... Read More »