Am I overweight or underweight?

Answer Definitely overweight.

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Am I underweight, healthy, or overweight?

You are slightly underweight.Your BMI is 18.2. A normal BMI is anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9.

Is a 5' 4 83 pound 13-year-old overweight or underweight?

Answerno such thing as perfect! id have to say that's very thin! my friend is 13, 5'1" (shortie) and 90 pounds, and shes a stick! that weight certainly DOES not require weight loss at all!but it de... Read More »

My weight...ideal underweight overweight ?

yawn, how have you managed to get this many answers from such a lame question, why is what the scales say how we are measured as people, im not a bloater but you must be dim

Based on my picture, am I overweight or underweight?

Saying that you are overweight is just attention-seeking. You are painfully thin and you know it.Eat a sandwich, girl.