Am I overweight or normal?

Answer If people say you are skinny you probably are... Weight doesn't necessarily matter as much seeing as a lot of your weight is muscle and water, and not fat, but if people say that you're fat and you... Read More »

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Are you overweight or about normal if you are 12 years old and you weigh about 116-120?

Answer If you are 5'3" then it is normal. If you are shorter, then it is considered overweight. Answer It depends on your height and muscle development.

I'm 5'2'' and 68 pounds! Am I underweight, overweight, or normal?

Is it normal to feel like pigging out on food all the time even if you're not hungry and not overweight?

AnswerYou did not mention your age. If you are in your teens, a big appetite is normal and as long as you are getting plenty of exercise and not gaining weight, you probably don't need to worry unl... Read More »

Are you overweight underweight or normal if you are 12 years old and weigh six stone 3 pounds and are 161cm in height?

You are underweight - your BMI is 15.2 and the healthy range is 19.5 to 24.9. You are however young which tends to mean you will be slimmer but technically you are underweight. Answer The best way... Read More »