Am I on the path to alcoholism (my family voiced concern)?

Answer It sounds like you are developing a problem. Alcohol dependence sometimes is not recognized until later, because it tends to be progressive illness. Frequent heavy drinking or not stopping once ... Read More »

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Is alcoholism a family disease?

On One Hand: A Family DiseaseThe most prominent model of understanding addiction, favored by treatment programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is the "disease model," which views alcoholism as ... Read More »

What are three areas of concern that could be addressed in an extended family?

The great grandson of your great grandfather's brother is your third cousin

If somone has a family history of alcoholism, drinks daily, but is never violent when drinking?

That person could definitely be an alcoholic. One of the most likely predictors of alcoholism is a family history of alcoholism. And anyone who needs to drink daily is an alcoholic, whether they ... Read More »

Your a women who has a family who is going to join the air force should you go into security forces or change your career path?

Security Forces personnel deploy at least 6 months out of each year on average. I would recommend x-ray technician or another medical AFSC. Medical AFSC's typically deploy later in their careers- ... Read More »