Am I obese, overweight or fat?

Answer you are over weight but not obese according to those numbers your body mass index is 27.4 and you have to be over 30 to be obese.

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Poll: Do you consider yourself to be overweight or obese?

I think it is bad that people have let themselves put on all that weight, yet I do feel for them at the same time because it isn't easy to lose all that weight. I consider myself to be really fit a... Read More »

Why do some overweight/obese women look pregnant when they're not?

Is she on hormonal birth control ? It dose that to me too on any birth control except copper iud . It took me 6 months to get rid of it after getting off the pill.

Do you consider yourself underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese?

I'm male and 46, My weight is within healthly limits so my weight isn't the problem. It's that I'm not in shape. There is a huge problem with body image in the US. If one is healthy and in shap... Read More »

Dr Phil said over 80% of Americans will be obese or overweight by the year 2030, do you believe him?

.....could be.....I think fat around vital organs and carryingaround more weight than your frame can handle is something to beconcerned about......balance good food, exercise, and as healthy a life... Read More »