Am I late for anything ?

Answer I fixed breakfast, answered some e-mail and killed a copperhead. You really didn't miss much.

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Who was the musical guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson August 6 2009?

Is there anywhere to download the theme future yesterday from the late late show with Craig Ferguson?


I am 11 day's late and 2 day's ago I started spotting I have woke up every day feeling nauses and having headaches and have been eating like crazy I don't know if I am just late or pregnant?

Could beOk, first of all, it could just be nerves or stress because most people don't eat a lot when they first get pregnant. If you you haven't started by the 14th, then , I would recommend going ... Read More »

How do you send an email to Craig Ferguson on the late late show?

Because she felt like it has been going on for quite a while and it's kinda like retiring. There really is not a reason.