Am I late for anything ?

Answer I fixed breakfast, answered some e-mail and killed a copperhead. You really didn't miss much.

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Is there anything I can do to bring on a late period ?

Delayed menstruation can cause a lot of worry, even those of us who know we are not pregnant can sometimes feel anxious about delayed periods, particularly when we are usually regular.There are a n... Read More »

Did owners of the first televisions in the late 1920's actually recieve anything in a scheduled way?

The first regular TV broadcast wasn't until around 1939. Regular programming didn't start until the late 1940s in a few large cities. Most people listened to radio programs well into the 1950s inst... Read More »

How much does creig Ferguson make for the late late show?

Who was the musical guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson August 6 2009?