Am I high or am I just tired?

Answer i don't think you are high but sleep deprivation can give you a high-like state of mind go to bed man

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If your period is due in just over a week and you are extremely tired can you feel that tired and be pregnant even before you miss a period?

Answer You could be but the chances of having symptoms that soon are slim. Chances are you either excited and convinced your body hoping you are preggers or scared you are and nervous about it. I ... Read More »

How to get rid of this flue man I am just so tired of it now :/?

Flu run it's course and yeah! I know how irritating it can be. Okay,but there are few things you can do. Take hot baths, you can use vapour rub on your nose if its blocked. Rub it on chest or back... Read More »

I just slept for 15 hours. Why am I still tired?

Ive heard over sleeping makes you more tired. Ive also heard that it could be if you dont eat right.. im not sure though.

I'm tired but not sleepy. How do I get to sleep, not just tonight but in the future?

Just make yourself more sleepier like, have chamomile tea 1 hr before bed, read the newspper before bed :) I answered a question here before on sleeping;…I... Read More »