Am I gonna stay this short my whole life?

Answer No. You are probably going to shrink a few inches until you turn 23. When you turn 23 you will grow about a foot, and will stay there until you are 61. When you are 61 you will revert back to yo... Read More »

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Does the brain stay the same size your whole life?

Brain size does not remain the same throughout the human lifespan. Humans are born with about 25 percent of their adult brain size and reach 95 percent around age 10. Additionally, brain size decre... Read More »

My dads gonna erase everything on he computer like restart the whole thing will this affect my saved data on o?

If the hard drive is erased, then EVERYTHING is gone including your games. You need to back them up on something else, a disc or zip drive maybe.

I need to stay up all night then go to exams. How can I stay up the whole time?

Go to your nearest walgreens. Get the walgreens brand caffeine pills called AWAKE take 1 during the night when you get tired 1 keeps me going for about 7 hours then another durings tests and anothe... Read More »

Can you switch from whole life to term life insurance?

It is possible to switch from whole life to term life insurance. Whenever you change your life insurance policy, you may increase the amount you pay. New health issues or age may influence the eval... Read More »