Am I gonna be tall I have big feet and arms please help !!!!?

Answer I would probaly say yes

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The plant was 7 feet tall. one year later the tree was 11 feet tall. write an equation using f for feet to d?

no, this is home and garden , not mathematics

Help me !!!! Am I gonna be tall ?

You didn't give any reference how tall your parents are or how tall you are. Give us something to go on and we can help ya:)

Girls you're gonna have a blast with this one! I need as many answer as possible. Please help out?

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I am 20yrs old and 5 feet tall..plz tell me some effective ways to increase height in 6 months..please please ?

I'm sorry to say that you really can't make yourself grow any taller than you already are. Your body is basically finished developing, so any growth that you're looking for is already gone. try h... Read More »