Am I getting only loan offers and no direct aid through the FAFSA?

Answer u need to state when u filed for FAFSA ...

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Can i recieve financial aid(through fafsa) if i'm only taking a couple courses over the summer?

Fill out the FAFSA and find out what you can get. The 2007/2008 ENDS JUNE 30. The 2008/2009 STARTS JULY 1.

Who offers an unsecured loan to consolidate credit cards?

CitiFinancial, Beneficial and American General Finance offer unsecured debt consolidation loans. If you qualify for such a loan, make sure your payments are low enough so you get relief.Source:Deb... Read More »

How to Check on the Status of Direct Loan Student Loan Disbursements?

Student loans are the only income some students will receive the entire semester, while for others it is a great supplement to their income. When financial aid checks are disbursed, students line u... Read More »

How do i sign up for free offers through email?

Find a website that allows you to sign up for free offers. is an excellent directory that lists hundreds of websites that have free offers. Simply click on a site that interests you... Read More »