Am I fat. Yea, dumb question?

Answer check your specifics with this website (scroll half way down)…(Average for teens)5'0" = 94.5lbs 5'1" = 98lbs5'2" = 101lbs5'3" = 104.5lbs5'4" = 107.5lbs5'5"... Read More »

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Dumb Question?

If you don't already have an internet connection, you will need one. Typically it's around $30 (maybe even less) for a good DSL connection. You will also need a wireless router that connects to you... Read More »

I know this is a DUMB question, but . . .?

An iPod is just a term for Apple's version of its MP3 player. Although, some iPods can now do other multimedia tasks now such as play video. You can download or transfer songs from the internet or ... Read More »

This is probably a dumb question but..?

You move the cursor onto the bar where you type the link.When you're there, you right click on it. You select the copy option.Now you go to the place where you want to post it on. You right click o... Read More »

This is a dumb question but I am new to computers. What does LOL mean?

Laughing Out Loud and here are some other's you may run into!Chat AbbreviationsAbbreviation Meaning