Am I fat I weigh 77kg and am 6.1 foot , 184 cm?

Answer Your fine :)I'm 20, 170cm and my recommended weight is 55-60kg, I'm underweight though I'm like 48-50kg all thanks to a stressful eating disorder -.- Like you I am SO self conscious about my body. ... Read More »

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Are you overweight if you are 5 foot 4 and weigh 127 pounds?

Absolutely not. You're at a very healthy weight range if you're at that height and weight. But it all depends on the person whether to consider yourself "healthy" or not. Calculate to Find Out ... Read More »

How much should a 5 foot 2 10 year old boy weigh?

How much does steel pipe weigh per foot?

The weight of steel pipe depends on the thickness of the pipe wall and outside diameter. The pipe wall is the thickness of one side of the pipe, whereas the outside diameter is the thickness of the... Read More »

How much does a foot of 600 MCM electric wire weigh?

According to the National Fire Protection Agency's National Electrical Code Handbook 2008, copper electrical wire that measures 600 MCM according to the American Wire Gauge standard weighs 1.985 po... Read More »