Am I entitled to nose surgery?

Answer You should see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. He will check you out and determine if you require surgery. It sounds likely that you now have a deviated septum and corrective surgery would improve y... Read More »

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I was injured on the job and had to have surgery Im you entitled to a claim?

Morbidity table (similiar to mortality table like CSO 1953-58, CSO 1980 etc)

Will my nose bump ever go away without surgery?

I'm afraid unless you have surgery then this bump will be with you for life...............

Should i get cosmetic surgery to alter my crooked nose?

life is short, if it makes you happy to get it fixed, then do it. but if you dont care what people think, let it be. it all comes down to what will make you happy. your thought is the only one that... Read More »

How to Make a Nose Smaller Without Plastic Surgery?

If you hate your big nose but are terrified of going under the knife, there are ways to make it look smaller without actual surgery. Learn to strategically apply make-up, enhance your better featur... Read More »