Am I entitled to free dental care?

Answer I believe so as you are a student.

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Am I entitled to free dental health care in the UK?

YES! if your mum gets tax credit and i think so if she gets job seekers .you can always get advice by phoning them or for the best advice, citizen advice its always good.if you sign on yourself rem... Read More »

How can I get free dental care?

Poor dental health can result in cascading conditions that require further and more expensive medical care. If you cannot afford quality dental care there are several avenues to pursue to procure ... Read More »

Where do you find free or low cost dental care for low income people with no insurance in Surrey BC Canada?

Hi am I entitled for free prescription as I am a diabetic?

as without your medication you would die... then yes in the UK you would get all of your prescriptions for free (sorry thats so blunt its more in reply to the answers above)you would have to get a ... Read More »