Am I eating enough food?

Answer As a guy who was too skinny, I could vote for pizza and doughnuts as a method for gaining weight. As for your diet (similar to mine) I'd highly recommend some more starches and protein in your diet... Read More »

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Does eating food cooked with chilli powder have the same benifits as eating food cooked with real chilli's?

Even if the chilli powder that you use is pure chilli, there will be deterioration in the food value of the chillies, certainly.Caution: many commercial chilli powders include other spices, such as... Read More »

Why does my mom think I am not eating enough?

It sounds like you're eating enough to me.

Im eating enough calories but my hair is thinning!?

This isn't straight forward as the amount of hair on your head is genetic, but at your age and your anorexic past that could have impaired it as you were developingNext time you see a hairdresser g... Read More »

Non-veg eaters - Are you bold enough to stop eating non-veg right now?

It's hard to stop cold turkey but I tried to cut down a lot and I'm not afraid to stop completely, it's just difficult when you live with meat eaters.