Am I drinking enough?

Answer You should drink 8 glasses a day

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How can I make sure I'm drinking enough caffeine?

The Recommended Daily Allowance for caffeine is 0 mg for infants and children, 360 mg for moderately active adult women, 600 mg for moderately active adult men, and 9000 mg for all adults averaging... Read More »

Is drinking lots of tea or coffee good enough to keep me hydrated?

Drink coffee or tea when ever you want however keep enough water in your system to help with very thing. It's not bad though.

Does a baby need drinking water or is the water in formula enough?

Answer A little water to drink is never a bad idea. Make sure the baby is getting enough formula to meet his/her needs and suppliment with a little water. Many children don't do well with tap wate... Read More »

If I shout "Gary Busey" loud enough and enough times will I get drunk?