Am I crazy for having my picture up on Answers?

Answer Nah, you're good. I only use my avatar because I'm too lazy to upload a picture onto my computer. I see a lot of people with their pictures posted.

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I'm confused, am I crazy (Serious Answers)?

The beginning of you teenage years all your hormones are out of whack and trying to adjust so its common for this to happen so dont worry. I am guessing that you and your father are close so its un... Read More »

I am in a crazy situation wat should I do >I need answers 2nite?

These things don't belong at school in the first place. Perhaps your teachers are taking them. (If they aren't, they should be.) If you must spend your time being lazy instead of learning, and pref... Read More »

Is there a way to make your avatar/picture on yahoo answers larger?

The user above is right about Barkley Hound who has helped me out with Y!A problems a while back.This is his Best Answer on how to get your Yahoo Answers avatar bigger. Read More »

Crazy doctor, or crazy patient?

I would recommend that you get a second opinion from another doctor. Your symptoms sound pretty serious.