Am I considered curvy or fat?

Answer Going by your weight and height, you're nowhere near fat. You're simply curvy. In fact, your measurements say you're an hourglass figure. You should go for that audition! I know it's hard, especial... Read More »

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I'm curvy, am I considered fat?

No, guys like curvy. Actually, most guys love curves on a girl ! Your gorgeous either way. (:

Is this considered curvy?

Yes I would definitely volunteer to rub oil all over you, >>>>>>>>>

Would i be considered over weight is curvy a bad thing?

Overweight, no.Curvy, yes.Curvy is definitely NOT a bad thing.You can lose 10lb if you want, but you don't NEED to.Hope this helps.

Am i curvy or just fat?

It depends. to me fat is straight fat up and down. fat face, fat arms, fat upper body, fat lower body, meaning body is not distinguishable. to me curvy is, having the hourglass figure no matter if ... Read More »