Am I better off buying a new pc or upgrading my RAM?

Answer You did not give a model number, so can only speculate on the specs of the model. But ig only two years old, the $40-60 to update the ram would be less then the cost of a new PC and would absolute... Read More »

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Why is adding RAM better at increasing throughput than upgrading to a faster processor?

That is not necessarily true in every scenario, the only time adding / upgrading RAM will increase throughput / system performance is when your swap usage (page file use) is high and adding RAM wil... Read More »

Unlock your i phone 3gs upgrading on firmware 3.1.3 after upgrading?

Which is better: upgrading your computer or getting a new one if the old one is more than 5 years old?

Which is better: leasing or buying a car?

On One Hand: Buying--You Own the CarBuying a car means that you own it when the car loan is paid off. You can pay it off early, trade it in or sell it on your own if you'd like something new. You w... Read More »