Am I being monitored by Google?

Answer if youre worried about being tracked online. (and yes you are being tracked online) then just use the do not track app or extention for firefox or google. that stops you being tracked by most exter... Read More »

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Can my lap top be monitored?

If your dad has access to your laptop, he can look at your browser history. Clearing the browser history is a good way to prevent this but it is still possible if your dad is very tech savy.If your... Read More »

How much of my web surfing is being monitored?

I think you answered your own questions, I don't think they will break into your accounts and check personal info, they will be monitoring what websites you access and how much stuff you download, ... Read More »

Am I being monitored by my boss?

If you look at the bottom left hand side of your desktop screen, look through the running applications, hover over the top of them (to see what the applications are called, write them down on a not... Read More »

How Are PH Levels Monitored?

PH monitoring is a widespread practice across numerous applications. Doctors may monitor pH of patients' blood or urine. Pool owners routinely check the pH of their pool's water. Environmental scie... Read More »