Am I being hacked or............?

Answer Twist ending: it was actually Alex Kapranos.

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Is my webcam being hacked?

No your webcam is not hacked, do not worry i dont think there is such a thing haha :)"camera is being used by chrome" chrome is a browser "google chrome"you can download it online its safe similiar... Read More »

Im still being hacked, how do i stop it?

o ****, do u have a anti virus, get one get avast, but plz format ur pc, do this offline, FORMAT, copy ur pics and dat on a hardrive, after format get avast free antivirus, den get some serials, i ... Read More »

Email accounts being hacked?

Did she try other email services? If all ids happen like that, meaning internet connection problems but that should happen to you too and you won't be able to post this question.If that isn't, can ... Read More » Being hacked again?

I am no computer expert but what the message you're getting is trying to tell you that even though you think you are connecting to the site is actually It happene... Read More »