Am I awlful for doing this that I did?

Answer Kitty, don't worry, there will be plenty more come spring. Nature has a way of taking care of those things. ..:)

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Can oral infections give you headaches- & what am i doing wrong that is causing this!?

"Upping" your immune system is not the answer. If you have as much dental infection as you claim, some bad things can be the result. First of all, you can get Septicemia ( blood poisoning ) fro... Read More »

Need help you are being disturbed by your brother he is 18 and you are 16 he steers at you when you are asleep and also touches you at private places thinking that you are asleep he is doing this from?

He is your brother, and you probably don't want him to get into trouble but you need to call the police. This is a sign of becoming Child Molester. And he needs help.

I know another mom has just done this...are you doing this too?

How illegal is this and can I get in trouble for doing this?

it depends on which store you return it to.. I think I'd see if walmart has the same product and buy it from there they dont check anything just make sure that its in the box. I think that the last... Read More »