Am I at the correct weight?

Answer That sounds about like a healthy weight.

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How to Keep Your Dog or Cat at Its Correct Weight?

Keep your pet healthy. Play, exercise and food in the right combinations will help keep you both happy. A great way to give both your pets andyou a longer healthier life.

What is the correct weight for a 15year old?

If you are a girl if you are less than 4ft 10", you are under weight. Taking 5ft 5" as the average 15 year old girls weight, you should be 50 - 70 kilograms. Taking 5ft 8" as the average boys heigh... Read More »

Is their any correct way to tell my wife to lose weight?

Uhm...Thats a really difficult situation since she has probaly realized to and is most likely sensitive in that topic.I would just tell her lets start to lead a healthier life style together. You c... Read More »

What is the correct weight limit to sit in the front seat of a car?

After looking at various sites as far as I'm concerned there is no weight limit.