Am I at risk of developing anorexia?

Answer At 5'6" and 108 pounds you can NOT be " a bit on the fat side". It is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. I would say you have already developed anorexia and need professional counseling. Skipping meals puts y... Read More »

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Who is at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome?

On One Hand: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Results From Repetitive UsePeople who engage in repetitive hand and wrist motions--or who regularly perform tasks require force and impact --are at risk for carp... Read More »

In CRM the purpose for developing controls and making risk decisions is to?

determine whether the risk is reduced enough that the benefits outweigh the risk of loss .

Will diabetes increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's,disease?

Alzheimer's disease is being dubbed "Type 3" diabetes.Some scientific studies are showing that insulin and insulin receptors are very important to learning and memory functions in the brain.Here is... Read More »

Infection risk - does sweat inside a cloth bandage present a risk?

You aren't wasting your doctor's time. Call him or her.Were you under my care, I would recommend a dressing change.