Am I anorexic Am I doing damage to myself?

Answer you're obsessed with your weight. be happy and accecpt yourself and your body. that's the first step. counseling is not a bad idea, either.

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Anorexic muscle damage?

Yes, you damaged your body when you staved yourself. When anorexic people fast they can sometimes go very long in a fast where cravings for food are evenly lost, this is when you begin to stave (wh... Read More »

How to Do Bleaching Without Doing Much Damage?

Bleach is a commonly used household product. One of the main uses of bleach is to clean and sanitize surfaces. For example, if you have water damage in your home, then bleach can be used to kill th... Read More »

I'm thinking of doing my kitchen with flat packs myself is this a good idea?

Self assembly of the units is usually pretty easy.In your shoes I would split up the jobs into two lists - one for you and one for a tradesman, or two.The jobs for your kitchen can be loosely liste... Read More »

I've tried to kill myself 13 times and it hasn't worked! what am i doing wrong!?

Just take the History test. Then worry about about the killing part. If you are not prepared to take your test ask the teacher if you can get an extension so that you can study a bit more. Killi... Read More »