Am I allowed to use Michael Jackson's songs in my monetized video?

Answer You heard wrong. All of MJ's music is copyrighted, whether or not he ever owned any of it.Depends on whether you mean the composition or a recording of a performance; they have separate and differe... Read More »

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Why are michael jacksons kids white?

Remember that these children have a white mother, Debbie Row. Mixed children come in all shades. They aren't necessarily a perfect mixture of each parent's skin tones. I've known mixed children who... Read More »

How to Get a Michael Jacksons Chin With Make Up?

Special thanks to J Dean, The "Déjà Vu" of Michael Jackson.

How many people do you think will kill themselves because of Michael Jacksons death?

What did you think or do when you first heard the news about Michael Jacksons death?

I was cooking myself a hot dog, then my brother told me, and i was like dam. I am still in shock!