Am I allergic to these earrings?

Answer If you had problems with poor quality jewelry in the past, don't wear it now. Junk these earrings, and buy 18k gold or higher, surgical steel, or titanium jewelry. Wear only these types of metals, ... Read More »

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Are these earrings too small?

OH MY GOSH KOREAN FAN! Lol. I've been waiting to find someone on here that loves Koreans as much as I do. They look fine, like the ones that I've been wearing for years up to 7th grade because ever... Read More »

Where can i get these earrings?

the similar earrings i found for you ,at here… try to looking for what you want

Are these earrings a fake?

It's gold filled, which means right out of the gate that it's not fine jewelry. The gold used probably really is 18k, it's just that there's so little of it in the earrings that they can sell them ... Read More »

Are these earrings way too girly or weird?

I would not be wearing them but then I am kinda old and stuffy . For a teenage girl to wear occasionally they are perfectly fine , go for it.