Am I addicted to tomatoes?

Answer Tomatoes are delicious . Some people LOVE them and some hate them. It's like chocolate.

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Will It Affect My Tomatoes & Cause Walnut Wilt If My Tomatoes Are Near Pecan Trees?

Walnut wilt is a common disease of tomatoes grown within the extended root system of the black walnut tree or pecan tree. Other trees like sugar maple, hackberry and American elm produce similar ch... Read More »

Why do they say tomatoes of today arent as healthy as tomatoes of the past?

Today's tomato varieties are different from the older ones, but the nutritional content is actually better in the new types. Some of the newer varieties have increased levels of lycopene, an import... Read More »

How many cans of tomatoes does 1 gallon of fresh tomatoes equal?

One gallon of fresh tomatoes equals approximately eight 16-oz. cans of tomatoes. According to the University of Michigan Extension Service, it takes approximately 1.5 lbs. of fresh tomatoes to make... Read More »

Are German Queen tomatoes heirloom tomatoes?

German Queen tomatoes are a variety of heirloom plants. Sometimes called by its scientific name Lycopersicon esculentum, the plant produces tomatoes that are 12 oz. to 16 oz. in size, according to ... Read More »