Am I a terrible person because of this?

Answer You do the best you can. That's all. No need to beat yourself up. As with all of life, it's a learning experience. Try to get something positive from this and move on. Isn't the fact that it bother... Read More »

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Will I see terrible, terrible things if i go on chatroulette?

1/10 fake suicide videos. 6/10 perverted people. 3/10 regulars.

I have a terrible cold, please help!?

Have no fear Evie. The QUEEN OF COLD REMEDIES IS HERE! lol. But seriously. This is what you got to do.HOW TO TREAT NASAL ISSUES:--EAT something spicy if you can (mexican food with hot sauce, etc) t... Read More »

Terrible period, anyone else with me?

Even though you're not sexually active, a low-dose birth control pill may help to ease off the intensity of the period related symptoms. There are several newer options (other than Yaz) that are a... Read More »

How to Deal With a Terrible Dad?

The world we live in is not like those shows we watch on TV. Some Dads are really difficult to handle, abusive or horrible to be with. If you are unlucky and you got stuck with a terrible Dad, thes... Read More »