Am I a bad person for being 25 and still living at home?

Answer No, you are not bad, or to old to live at home.You have a job, working on your MBA and live in a place were people love you. Why would that be bad? Are your parents happy that youare with them and ... Read More »

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Is a person convicted of impaired driving still covered for liability insurance when being sued by an injured person in the same vehicle in Canada?

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.

How to Remain Independent when Still Living in the Family Home?

Many people of a variety of ages still live with their parents or in the family home. Sometimes this is because they are unemployed, or haven't got a place of their own. Whatever the reasons, some ... Read More »

Will parents be liable for any negligence their children committed who are above the age of 21 but still living at home?

Answer No. The kid is totally responsible after age 18. Answer The exception is negligence or a violation of the law. For example if the adult son hosted a party and the police became involved due... Read More »

Why is my hyacinth plant still living after you gave it salt water Why are my other three hyacinth plants still living after I gave them water soda and milk?

a single dose wont kill them, if you continue to do it the saltwater plant will die, the milk watered plant will get sick and the soda water one will be fine