Am I a bad mother because this is what I do with our food for my kids?

Answer You are a damn good mother. Don't cook him anything and when he says will you make dinner, tell him to eat out of the garbage can from last nights scraped meal. You are better off with out him!Kari... Read More »

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How can a mother get her kids back after losing them because of drugs?

If a mother can stay clean from drugs for a year or more; have a decent job; live in a decent environment and provide for a child properly then she can go to court to at least go for joint custody ... Read More »

Is a mother unfit if she has 4 kids by four different guys and got married to none of there fathers and now is going through a devorce because she cheated on him and now she has a different guy around?

Having numerous men in your life does not mean you are an unfit mother. The way you treat your children, what kind of environment the children are in matters.

My mother has been diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma with mucinous features. What does this mean?

What this is basically saying is that she has cancer that was originally cervix/womb (which was removed in a hysterectomy in 2009) and has now spread to other locations ("metastatic")."Note: sympto... Read More »

Can you move in with your mother in California if she doesn't have any custody of you and tell the court that you want to move in with her because you don't get along with your step-parent?

Answer A minor cannot leave the home of the custodial parent without that parent's permission. The noncustodial parent can petition the court for custody rights pertaining to the minor child. Depen... Read More »