Am I Pregnant My period was unusually light and I am worried PLEASE HELP!!?

Answer The birth control is causing that. It does cause light periods sometimes. Sometimes mine skips months altogether. Definitely doesn't sound like you're pregnant.

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If your period is unusually light and the only symptoms you have are occasional nausea and constant tiredness can you still be pregnant even if you have 3 negative test results?

Answeryou can always be pregnant with negative test results. that's why its good to check with a blood test. because sometimes the HGC hormone is not enough to detect by home pregnancy sur... Read More »

Im 15 and feel stupid I had protected sex and havent had my period for 2 months. This has happened b4 but im really scared could I be pregnant or is it just an irregular period PLEASE HELP?

Chances of Pregnancy You don't say what protection you used but if you used a condom correctly your chances of getting pregnant are only about 2 in a hundred over a year, if you are on the pill the... Read More »

Its my period is a month late! Not pregnant..Please Help!!?

This has happened to me. There's no reason for it. Your body isnt fully developed and you wont have a 'steady flow' until you're about 20. If it doesn't come next month, see your doctor, but try no... Read More »

Omg! please help! may have a srioues problem! please help really worried!?

You have a concussion. Go to the doctor immediately.