Aluminum Main Caps Vs. Steel Main Caps?

Answer Automobile main caps are used to mount main bearing support plates and engine girdles in vehicles. Cap size, design, model and material composition are essential in the engine performance makeup of... Read More »

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Torque Specifications for the Main Caps on a 1984 Chevy 305?

Reciprocating engines change the up-and-down power created by the pistons into rotating power for the transmission by a pivoting rod connected to the piston and the crankshaft. The crankshaft is h... Read More »

If my tv needs 2 1200uf 35v caps what whould happen if i used 2 1000uf 35v caps?

I wouldn't hesitate to do it as long as the replacements will physically fit where the originals were mounted. That's only a 17% deviation from the design capacitance; not significant in just abou... Read More »

Where can I find steel end caps with hooks?

Rings and Things is a jewelry making supply company that sells stainless steel end caps made for attaching hooks. The hooks must be purchased separately, but both the caps and ear hooks can be foun... Read More »

What are steel toe caps boot designed for?

They are designed to protect the toes from items that fall on them. Think about it, if an items was large enough to smash the metal to cut off your toes evenly do you really think that it would on... Read More »