Alternators That Produce 500 Amps?

Answer Five-hundred amp alternators are a rare breed. According to Rush Power Systems owner Darren Flint, who opened his doors in the late eighties, "when I first started this company, the world's most po... Read More »

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How many amps can an AA battery produce?

Standard AA alkaline batteries can produce about 2.8 amp hours at 1.5 volts. This means the AA alkaline battery can output 1.5 volts for an hour at 2.8 amps total. This changes depending on the tem... Read More »

Anyone know a website that i can go to that has ol skool amps...(bsides ebay, amazon, and overstock)?

give (and then look up your city) a never know if someone local has those amps. Save a few bucks on shipping, too.

How to Change a Circuit Breaker From 30 Amps to 20 Amps?

Reducing the size of a breaker inside a main power panel from 30 amps to 20 amps is easier than increasing the size of a breaker. When a breaker is reduced in size, all or a portion of the existing... Read More »

What are headphones that you plug into amps called?

Yes you can... i have them.. they work awesome.. i would suggest the app.. TruPhone.. its free.. and great you can connect with Skype, Aim, Google Talk, etc. Landlines, Mobiles, etc; are very low p... Read More »