Alternator Charging Problems?

Answer An alternator's purpose is to provide electrical power to a car while it is running as well as to charge the battery. When an alternator problem develops, it needs to be promptly repaired before th... Read More »

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How to Check If Alternator Is Charging?

The alternator is the pivotal point of the charging operation of your car. It generates all the power needed to keep the battery fully charged and to operate everything electrical in the vehicle. T... Read More »

How to Check if Your Alternator is Charging Your Battery?

When diagnosing battery trouble, you must check the alternator to see if it is charging correctly. If the alternator is not working right, the battery slowly drains down. If your battery is drained... Read More »

How to Check an Alternator Charging System?

A car's alternator recharges the car's battery with electrical energy produced by the gasoline engine. It therefore recharges when the engine is running. You may be having trouble with the battery ... Read More »

How Do I Troubleshoot a Charging System Alternator?

The alternator in your vehicle charges the battery as it powers the electronics as well. The alternator, when working properly, should be charging at roughly 13.8 volts. The alternator works by usi... Read More »