Alternatives to Working From Starbucks?

Answer Those who work from home often head to Starbucks as the chain offers free wi-fi at its locations. For those looking for an alternative however, have several other ways to access the Internet to wor... Read More »

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Is working at STARBUCKS....?

my sis just started at starbucks she really likes it she says they get a few rude people but most don't complain or do anything weird and she hates coffee but she really likes it so i think that it... Read More »

Help with first day working at Starbucks!?

Your training likely starts with something simple like a video. Then you need hands on training. You need to know where to find everything, how to make espresso, what goes in all the drinks, how ... Read More »

Someone who has worked at Starbucks or is currently working there?

You probably won't be considered if you don't fill that part out. Just be honest. Thats what I did, and I got the job.

What do you get from Starbucks?

An empty wallet!EDIT: Look at all the thumbs down, whats wrong with people, there's some good answers here, mine was just a joke yet it has thumbs up??? not that i'm complaining lol