Alternatives to Refrigerant?

Answer Alternative refrigerants, both in the automotive and in the stationary/commercial sectors, are being touted by their manufacturers. Before switching to an alternative refrigerant, determine how wel... Read More »

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Alternatives to R12 Refrigerant?

R12 is a type of refrigerant that was used in air conditioning systems of older cars sold in the United States. Today, R12 refrigerant is no longer available due to its environmental impact, so you... Read More »

What is the difference between azeotropic refrigerant and zeotropic refrigerant?

Azotropic will only have one boiling or condensing point for each system pressure negligible fractionation or temperature glide will occur Zeotropic will have a range of boiling and condensing poi... Read More »

Where can I purchase R-22 refrigerant or R-410a refrigerant?

Any refrigeration supplier provided you have the proper federal certification.

How to Add AC Refrigerant?

The air conditioning system in your car requires refrigerant to keep the air cool. If the air is blowing normally but is not cold, adding refrigerant can cause your system to circulate cool air. Yo... Read More »