Alternatives to Book Report Ideas?

Answer If your instructor has given you the choice between doing a book report or coming up with a presentation that is a bit more creative, there are a number of ideas that you can choose from. Before pr... Read More »

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Book Report Alternatives for an ELA Teacher?

The traditional school book report requires that the student to be familiar with all parts of the book. The report must be factual and include the title, place and year of publication, a summary of... Read More »

Book Report Ideas?

Reading a book assigned in class can be painful; having to give a report on it can seem inhuman. Do not dread the report --- have a little fun by being creative and inventive with how you relay the... Read More »

Written Book Report Ideas?

A book report should be more than a generic summary of the book and how you felt about the book. You should also consider what some of the author's main messages are and how the book relates to the... Read More »

Inventor Book Report Ideas?

If you've just finished reading a book about an inventor and are about to write a book report, think about being inventive yourself. There's nothing wrong with the traditional summarizing-of-the-fa... Read More »