Alternatives for Paper Clips & Staples?

Answer When binding papers, you might immediately think staples and paper clips as the quickest fix. Both items can bind papers easily; however, thick papers might give you a bit of trouble. Luckily, ther... Read More »

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Do heavy-duty shredders take staples and paper clips?

Heavy-duty shredders take staples and paper clips. In a busy office there is not time to sort through paper that is being shredded for staples and paper clips. A worker is able to put paper into th... Read More »

Can paper with staples be recycled?

Yes, paper with staples can be recycled. Objects such as staples, tape and paper clips are removed by filters at paper mills when recycled paper goes through a sorting process.Source:Environmental ... Read More »

Can i microweld paper clips?

On One Hand: Microwelding Equipment is ExpensiveTechnically, microwelding is the fusing of metal wire that is less than 10 micrometers (1 myriometer), about the thickness of a single cotton fibre. ... Read More »

How to Bend Paper Clips?

A paper clip is usually a strong metal wire that has been bent in a form that allows you to hold paper together. Want to bend it? This article will explain how to bend and twist that paper-holding ... Read More »