Alternative treatments for horrible cramps?

Answer Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Often times severe menstrual cramping is a combination of what acupuncturists term Blood Stasis and other contributing factors. The treatment will be to r... Read More »

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Horrible stomach cramps?

Hot water bottle, paracetamol, iron tablets :)Never fails x

When you are 38 weeks and 1Cm dilated having horrible back and leg pains and also having menstrual cramps is this a sign of labor coming soon?

In labourBack pain - particularly lower back pain can definitely be an indicator of labour onset.Labor pains are exactly the same as menstrual cramps, so you may be going into labor.Unfortunately t... Read More »

37 weeks prego having horrible period like cramps and back ache for the past three days also had vaginal pressure so bad i can hardly walk it feels like the baby is actually gonna come out?

You are in labor. Go to the hospital or call your doctor.

What are the treatments for muscle cramps&restless legs?

Muscle cramps result from involuntary contractions of the muscle---most commonly caused by lack of fluid intake and overuse during physical activity. Restless legs syndrome produces uncomfortable s... Read More »