Alternative Toilets?

Answer According to the National Small Flows Clearinghouse, "Obsolete toilet designs contribute to the estimated 9,000 gallons of potable water that a person uses to flush away 130 gallons of human waste ... Read More »

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Why do some people use the ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE category to constantly defame any alternative medicine answers?

The attitude of some people here who believe that others have no capacity to judge for themselves is quite condescending.I have the ability to discern thus I am not afraid to look at any informatio... Read More »

How do I use lye in toilets?

Plunging the ToiletUnclog the bulk of your toilet drain by plunging the toilet vigourously. Use a force ball-type plunger if possible instead of a cup-style plunger; the ball type looks rounded ins... Read More »

OMG. My toilets flooded?

It's time to break out the plunger and start pumping.The plunger works best when the bowl is full.

How to Resurface Toilets?

You can rejuvenate your old tarnished or mismatched toilet by resurfacing it with the appropriate coating. Because toilets are ill-suited for adhesion, they will reject new finishes. You must prepa... Read More »