Alternative Kinds of Sewage Systems?

Answer Alternative sewage systems are generally designed for pollution-sensitive areas where conventional systems are unsuitable. This includes wetlands or near rivers and lakes, where soil permeability i... Read More »

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Types of Sewage Systems?

There are several different classes of sewage systems. Different classes are designed to operate in different ways. Which class of sewer system is appropriate for a given application may depend on ... Read More »

The Different Kinds of Septic Systems?

In rural areas a sewer system is often not available. In these areas it is necessary for homeowners to install a septic system to deal with the waste generated in the home. These systems are genera... Read More »

Alternative Heating Systems for Greenhouses?

Greenhouses are often heated passively, through solar energy in the form of sunlight that enters through clear windows and stays trapped in the building. However, some greenhouses, including those ... Read More »

Alternative Energy for Home Power Systems?

Alternative energy for home power systems results in lower energy bills and provide an environmentally friendly power supply. Biofuel, wind and solar power are sources of alternative renewable ener... Read More »