Alternative Fertilizers for Crops?

Answer If you want to have a gorgeous lawn but want to do it the proper, environmentally sustainable way, look into some fertilizer alternatives. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, most comme... Read More »

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How to Dust Crops?

While the words "crop dusting" may evoke an image of Cary Grant being pursued by an assassin alternately shooting him and spraying him with pesticide, the skill of aerial application combines train... Read More »

Who invented hybrid crops?

Inventor of Hybrid Crops Click on the link to your right for the answer. The first I recall of anyone breeding plants was Gregory Mendel. He was a monk who bred and developed different pea plant st... Read More »

How to Identify Farm Crops?

Farm crops often bear little resemblance to the produce you buy in the store. Many people, when encountering fields of crops, wonder what is being grown. While farmers may grow hundreds of differen... Read More »

Different Ear Crops for Dobermans?

Doberman puppies have long floppy ears that do not function like normal dog ears. Cropping is a cosmetic procedure that removes the outside membrane of the ear so only the hard ear remains. This al... Read More »