Alright...should I or should I not get a PS3 cooler?

Answer I understand that you need a PS3 cooler, why not you try to buy a usual fan cooler, that should be enough.Anyway, why do't you try to open up the top casings of PS3 for a while, and then try to use... Read More »

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Should I buy a CPU cooler?

only replace the stock cooler if the warranty is already expiredboth Intel and AMD specify that the "included fan & heatsink" must be used or the warranty is voida case mod might be in order here

Should I put a hibiscus plant in a cooler room when dormant?

Dormant hibiscus plants should be placed in a cool room between 50 and 60 degrees F for about 2 months. During this rest period, water hibiscus plant lightly to prevent the soil from drying out.Ref... Read More »

How to Convert a Wine Cooler to a Vegetable Cooler?

Wine seems to be the best choice for every meal these days with cooking at the forefront of our minds. With this sudden rush of the gastronomic world into everyday life, more and more utensils and... Read More »

How much should I spend on an aftermarket CPU cooler Is there a particular brand to look out for?

Hyper 212 from cooler master...that's a pretty good cooler for price and for performance.