Alright here's the deal,, I need packs... n I need em FAST! please help!!?

Answer Hey bud, i am the same age and about to start high school in a week too, i was working on my abs for a while now, maybe about a month and i have a killer 6 pack now. to be honest, its all mostly di... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Friend Who Is Fast and Steals Everyone's Man?

There are a lot of girls who have had a problem with a fast girlfriend. However, there is a way to deal with her and not only remain her friend, but maintain your own boyfriend as well.

Ok, heres a question for you?

Don't have one in my bedroom. I do tend to fall asleep while watching the one in the living room though. TV has too many commercials!! I pay for cable and get nothing but ads.

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have you ever driven a car that can only go 60 or 70 mph? its not very safe because of that limitation. if you dont have enough power to go faster than that, you dont have enough power to accelerat... Read More »

Hey! k so heres the sitch... pretty please help me!!!?

I'm with G and Lump. If your dad knows computers, he'll know exactly when and where you've visited just by looking at the router logs. Here's an extract from a Netgear 802.11B/G home wireless rou... Read More »