Aloe Plant Water Problems?

Answer Aloe vera plants are easy to grow indoors and can also be grown outdoors, although they are not frost tolerant. Aloes enjoy sandy soil that is well drained. Container-grown plants should be potted ... Read More »

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How often should you water an aloe plant?

Aloe grows well indoors with a sunny window and infrequent watering. The potting medium should be allowed to dry prior to watering aloe. When in doubt, wait a day or two; aloe can survive for over ... Read More »

How often do you water an aloe vera plant?

Aloe vera is a succulent-type plant that needs to be watered once a week. During the winter when the plant is dormant, water the entire root system once a month, and make sure the plant has well-dr... Read More »

Is my aloe really an aloe plant?

There are several hundred kinds of Aloe Veras. Some do not smell good inside.

Can you plant an aloe vera plant outside?

You can plant an aloe vera plant outside, but only in very mild climates. Since aloe vera plants are mostly made of water, they are very sensitive to cold temperatures and will not survive if frost... Read More »